East Valley Consumer Protection Lawyer

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Arizona’s consumer protection laws point out many areas of commerce in which consumers are sometimes exploited. For example, according to these laws, consumers and anyone doing business in Arizona should not be subjected to:

  • Fraudulent transfer.
  • Fraudulent conveyance or other transaction with intent to defraud others.
  • Fraudulent practices related to vehicle odometers and vehicle classification.
  • Violation of acceptable telephone solicitation practices.
  • Failure to disclose aftermath crash parts.

Enforcing State And Federal Consumer Protection Laws Through Civil Litigation

Clients of Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, often report that they trusted businesses they were dealing with but suffered significant financial losses because of unfair treatment as consumers. We help many bring claims against businesses or merchants who have done business through deception, false statements, false pretenses, false promises or misrepresentation.

We also assist those who have lost at trial and who wish to pursue an appeal of the original adverse outcome. Consumer fraud may have taken place in connection with purchase and sale of objects, wares, goods, commodities, intangibles, real estate or services.

Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, attorneys represent consumers affected by car dealer fraud, contract disputes, insurance disputes, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations, Fair Credit Reporting Act violations, Wage Payment Act violations, inaccurate or wrongful credit reporting, wrongful repossession, internet scams, identity theft and fraud, lemon law cases, garnishment, and other situations where businesses or merchants have violated your consumer rights.

Advocating For Car Purchasers Through Application Of Arizona’s Lemon Law

Our law firm represents quite a few customers who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous auto dealers. We represent consumers seeking relief through the state’s lemon law. Some are grappling with financial harm after purchasing vehicles with unreasonable auto defects in other states, violating out-of-state laws such as the Florida lemon law, as well.

We invite you to bring your own consumer law issues to our attention. Contact an experienced East Valley consumer protection lawyer in Tempe at 480-407-4440 and learn how we can help.