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Commercial zoning issues beg input from proven business attorney

Getting a new business off the ground -- both figuratively and literally -- in the Phoenix metro area or elsewhere in Arizona entails hundreds of hoops and hurdles, with government regulations spanning subject matter that ranges from A to Z.

In the commercial context, that latter reference often centrally refers to zoning considerations, which can be -- in fact, customarily are -- myriad and complex, especially for a business enterprise of material magnitude.

Litigation "flurry" in wake of massive health system hack

Much about Phoenix-based Banner Health is big. The non-profit health system employs many thousands of people and operates hospitals and specialized clinics in many states. Banner Health's patient list is long, and its revenues impressively large.

These days, what might reasonably strike many people as being particularly outsized about Banner is the sheer magnitude of its litigation woes. Those are linked with the company's disclosure this past August of a data breach that might have compromised the personal data of 3.7 million patients who use Banner's services.

Approaching revenue recognition changes will affect many businesses

January 1, 2018, is a looming date of reckoning for public companies in Arizona and across the United States -- and American companies doing business internationally, as well -- that sell goods and services to customers over a time period that is differentiated from a single, discrete point of sale. For private companies, the first day of 2019 will have a similar impact.

The businesses that need to be paying attention to new guidelines that will take legal effect on those respective dates are those that Forbes states offer "subscription" services.

"C" or "S" corporation? A proven business attorney can advise.

If you and perhaps some additional Arizona individuals comprise a group of smart entrepreneurs focused upon forming a dynamic new commercial enterprise, congratulations.

A prospective business launch in the Phoenix metro area or elsewhere within the state is an exciting moment for any new company.

Sometimes a business needs a new perspective, fresh ideas

"Today's business owners realize they have much to lose by acting without legal counsel and much to gain by having accurate, relevant advice."

We make that comment on a relevant page of our Phoenix metro area-based law firm at Cook & Price, PLC, where we provide studied and on-point legal advice and representation to diverse business clients from all across Arizona, and we wholeheartedly believe it to be true.

Insurance matters: often at crux of business, contract disputes

Insurance is at once many things to many people and businesses.

For starters, it is what individuals and entities that are engaging in risk analysis and response quite rightly refer to sometimes as "a necessary evil."

The wide-ranging business needs of professional athletes

To say that top-caliber athletes in Arizona and across the country have singular concerns when it comes to things like negotiating and executing business contracts, weighing marketing and various endorsement deals, working with financial planners and forging agreements related to housing and perhaps other realty/property is an understatement.

In fact, and as we note on a page of our business and commercial law website at Cook & Price, PLC, in Phoenix, "Professional athletes often have unique legal representation needs."

Consumer fraud: a prevalent problem in Arizona, nationally

If you are an Arizona resident who has been ripped off in a business transaction by an unscrupulous company or business agent who purposefully defrauded you, you can at least take heart in the fact that you're far from alone.

In fact, consumer fraud is activity engaged in by bad-faith actors to an almost unimaginable degree in daily life, with individuals who justifiably rely upon the assertions of those they are contracting with for goods or services often paying a heavy price for their reliance.

Corporation or LLC? An experienced attorney can help you decide.

A group of impassioned Arizona entrepreneurs often commands sharp collective knowledge when it comes to fully understanding the material details of the products or services they seek to supply, their intended market audience and other core business considerations.

They also know the importance of all applicable laws and rules, which, as we note on the business formation page of our commercial law website at the Phoenix metro-area law firm of Cook & Price, PLC, include "tax laws, insurance coverage and employment law."

Business and commercial law: integrated or differentiated?

Many law offices across the country describe themselves as full-service business and commercial law firms, with that depiction certainly defining who we are and what our attorneys do at the Maricopa County law firm of Cook & Price, PLC.

Indeed, and as noted in an online overview of commercial and business law, those two areas of law "have so many overlapping issues that most attorneys who practice one will have expertise in the other."