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Contract Disputes Archives

The wide-ranging business needs of professional athletes

To say that top-caliber athletes in Arizona and across the country have singular concerns when it comes to things like negotiating and executing business contracts, weighing marketing and various endorsement deals, working with financial planners and forging agreements related to housing and perhaps other realty/property is an understatement.

A look at trends in small business sales and purchases

Although the American economy has certainly experienced a sizable amount of turmoil and dislocation over the past decade, one material aspect of it has remained rock steady, namely this: the continuing desire of high numbers of entrepreneurs in Arizona and across the country who want to be centrally involved in business endeavors.

Arizona companies dealing with China: a lot to think about

Many Arizona residents and people across the country generally have likely paid more than a scant bit of attention to what's going on financially in China these days, given the real-world effects wrought by dislocations in that country's economic system.