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Commercial Real Estate Archives

Commercial zoning issues beg input from proven business attorney

Getting a new business off the ground -- both figuratively and literally -- in the Phoenix metro area or elsewhere in Arizona entails hundreds of hoops and hurdles, with government regulations spanning subject matter that ranges from A to Z.

Commercial real estate: a permanently altered landscape?

Technology looms large in modern life, and in every conceivable sphere. Automakers are rushing to get their robotic-car prototypes into final commercial form; the clunky computers of yore can now fit into shirt pockets; and online apps and other innovations are fundamentally changing capitalism and the shopping experience.

Topic focus: strategies for cultivating business growth in Phoenix

People in the know flatly understand that the East Valley and Greater Phoenix region command many attributes that make establishing and growing a business in the area an attractive proposition. Maricopa County is broadly identified with a solid and thriving infrastructure, a formidably educated workforce, world-class research capabilities and a pro-business government and regulatory scheme.

Survey provides snapshot look at Arizona businesses in 2015

The advocacy group Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) recently put the finishing touches and conclusions on its ninth annual survey regarding what might reasonably be termed "the state of the state" in terms of Arizona's business climate and health.

Phoenix beats rivals in garnering global company's HQ relocation

Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a global business conglomerate that operates across a number of industries and generates annual sales in the billions of dollars. As noted on the company's website, Carlisle is involved in numerous "niche markets" that range broadly from energy and construction to medical technology and agriculture.

Looking back at 2015: Phoenix metro real estate development

How did it go last year? From a predictive standpoint, was 2015 an upshot year for commercial endeavors across Maricopa County and the East and West Valley, most specifically as regards commercial real estate transactions and development?