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Litigation "flurry" in wake of massive health system hack

Much about Phoenix-based Banner Health is big. The non-profit health system employs many thousands of people and operates hospitals and specialized clinics in many states. Banner Health's patient list is long, and its revenues impressively large.

Approaching revenue recognition changes will affect many businesses

January 1, 2018, is a looming date of reckoning for public companies in Arizona and across the United States -- and American companies doing business internationally, as well -- that sell goods and services to customers over a time period that is differentiated from a single, discrete point of sale. For private companies, the first day of 2019 will have a similar impact.

Corporation or LLC? An experienced attorney can help you decide.

A group of impassioned Arizona entrepreneurs often commands sharp collective knowledge when it comes to fully understanding the material details of the products or services they seek to supply, their intended market audience and other core business considerations.

Business and commercial law: integrated or differentiated?

Many law offices across the country describe themselves as full-service business and commercial law firms, with that depiction certainly defining who we are and what our attorneys do at the Maricopa County law firm of Cook & Price, PLC.

Grapes of wrath: contentious Arizona wine dispute finally settled

What seemingly started out as a good idea that would materially benefit contracting parties on both sides ended up as a protracted and contentious court battle that went through successive legal filings before finally being settled.

The outer limits of litigation: submitting BP's oil spill woes

Obviously, executives from the oil company BP lost a lot of sleep in the days immediately following the unprecedented underground explosion in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010. As our readers undoubtedly remember well, that singular event turned out to be catastrophic, with the blowout destroying the Deepwater Horizon oil platform and taking the lives of 11 people.