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July 2016 Archives

The outer limits of litigation: submitting BP's oil spill woes

Obviously, executives from the oil company BP lost a lot of sleep in the days immediately following the unprecedented underground explosion in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010. As our readers undoubtedly remember well, that singular event turned out to be catastrophic, with the blowout destroying the Deepwater Horizon oil platform and taking the lives of 11 people.

Business success invariably owes to careful advance planning

Some attributes of a successful business in Arizona or elsewhere are of course readily apparent. If it's a retail establishment, its parking lot is full and its premises jammed with consumers. If it's a service organization, its billing department is busy and its scheduling book is full. If it's an online-oriented company, its website crackles with activity.

A look at trends in small business sales and purchases

Although the American economy has certainly experienced a sizable amount of turmoil and dislocation over the past decade, one material aspect of it has remained rock steady, namely this: the continuing desire of high numbers of entrepreneurs in Arizona and across the country who want to be centrally involved in business endeavors.