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June 2016 Archives

Commercial real estate: a permanently altered landscape?

Technology looms large in modern life, and in every conceivable sphere. Automakers are rushing to get their robotic-car prototypes into final commercial form; the clunky computers of yore can now fit into shirt pockets; and online apps and other innovations are fundamentally changing capitalism and the shopping experience.

Protecting trade secrets while in a lawsuit

It is unfortunate when a key employee leaves a small business. But when they leave with important information that could be used to undermine the company’s interests, legal action must be taken to secure the company’s interests. These situations commonly arise under a violation of a non-disclosure agreement or non-compete agreement.

Arizona/Mexico border: business opportunities and challenges

A figurative tailwind seems to be firmly in evidence for business travelers headed in both directions at the Arizona-Mexico border, with government regulators and business officials noting materially increased traffic compared with prior years.